HYPNOTHERAPY I would say is my most beautiful work in action.

HYPNOTHERAPY and REGRESSION for healing and inner transformation results in the NATURAL DEVELOPMENT OF A  LIFE FULLY LIVED!


A good hypnotherapy session is a work of art, designed to SET  YOU  FREE TO LIVE A LIFE THAT SUITES YOU.


The subconscious mind runs 80% of our thinking processes, thus 80% our emotions, behaviors and our material realities are therefore 80% dictated by the subconscious beliefs we have. Our lives reflect precisely to the T, what our deepest ingrained beliefs are! AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT!

Hypnotherapy addresses the unsupportive subconscious beliefs we have about ourselves, others and our lives. Negative beliefs such as ‘I can’t’ are replaced with empowering beliefs instead.


Spend a few minutes on this simple exercise: Sincerely imagine what you would do and be if you believed ‘I can!’ What thoughts would you engage in and how would you feel? What would you do and what kind of life would you be living as a result ? As you can see, just by doing this little conscious exercise: Perspective, Emotion and Possibilities transform even with a temporary shift in belief!

WITH  HYPNOTHERAPY, that belief becomes ingrained in the most powerful part of the mind: The Subconscious! That means you *automatically* begin to operate more and more from that belief. That is how hypnotherapy leads to an altered material reality and

Angry people magically transform to kind people, fat people lose weight naturally and become fit and healthy, suicidal people find the joy in life and those who are lost discover a deep guiding purpose.

Would you like to LIVE A LIFE THAT SUITS YOU?

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* Photos used on this site that are not my own are from libreshot.com, pixabay & pexels

DISCLAIMER required: Testimonials or other statements on this site are merely personal observations of my own and those of my clients. Nothing on this site is meant to replace clinical diagnosis or the advice of the Dr/ Professional Healthcare practitioner of your choice.

I tell my clients, ‘ I don’t cure the disease, I simply try to find and remove any imbalances that are going on in the body/mind. I believe that the symptoms that you are having are because of imbalances that are present. If we can find those imbalances and fix them, perhaps your symptoms will go away.’
The information contained in my sites is intended for personal use and not for the practice of any healing art, except where permitted by law. No representation contained in these materials is intended as medical advice and should not be used for diagnosis or medical treatment.



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